servicios inmobiliarios

What other real estate services can we offer you?

Immobiliària Cambrils Paradís is your real estate agency specialised in holiday rental, selling and renting in Costa Dorada. We also offer you other essential real estate services if you want to get the best real estate transaction for your real property.

Other real estate services

Holiday rental licences


Did you know that you need a specific licence in order to rent your real estate as a holiday home? At Immobiliària Cambrils Paradís we solve all your doubts about this issue, and we will manage your holiday rental licence (HUTT) so you can make the most out of it.

Occupancy certificate


If you are interested in renting or selling your home, it is imperative that you have a certificate of occupancy, which is an administrative document that proves that your house meets the minimum conditions of habitability. Do not worry, because we can manage your certificate of occupancy and advise if you have any questions.

Energy performance certificate


As with the above procedures, the energy performance certificate is a compulsory requirement on most occasions in order to sell or rent a real property. If your home must necessarily have this certificate, then you will have to credit its possession when you go to an agency to rent or sell your property. Therefore, to facilitate the process, at Immobiliària Cambrils Paradís we will solve all your doubts, and we can manage your energy performance certificate.


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